Black Church Leadership and the Doctorate

by drfelder

In pulpits of Black churches all over the United States Black preachers celebrated the Easter tradition this past weekend.  Here is a list of six Black preachers with doctorates who also espouse and practice ideologies of social justice advocacy in support of historically marginalized groups.  Included in this post are links to preachers’ websites and videos of selected sermons. Also, see the For Harriet and TheConversation  references for additional information on Black church leadership.   Please be advised the list below is not exhaustive as there are numerous church leaders doing excellent work in our community. Future blog posts will highlight additional church leaders/initiatives serving underrepresented populations that promote academic success.

1.   Dr. Jeremiah A. Wright


2.  Dr. Renita Weems


3.  Dr. Otis Moss, III


4.  Dr. Raphael Warnock 


5.  Dr. Howard-John Wesley


6.  Dr. Eboni Marshall Turman



Written by:  Pamela Petrease Felder, Ph.D., Founder of #BlackDoctoratesMatter