Five Resources Related to Black Motherhood and the Doctoral Experience

In recognition of Mother’s Day 2017, here are five (5) sources to consider about the pursuit of the doctorate and motherhood.  These articles span a wide array of topics and address various aspects of the doctoral student journey and beyond.  They focus on: recognition of mothers who value education in their families; the challenges associated with motherhood while enrolled in academic study; finding sources to support degree attainment; academic networks that support mothers and their educational experiences, and the experience of motherhood as faculty.   We encourage you to share this information with anyone contemplating motherhood and the doctoral process.   Also, consider the “Women: Growing Fields” data by the Survey of Earned Doctorates (2015) for degree completion trends by discipline; highlighting potential for research and practice opportunities that emphasize the physical sciences and engineering fields.

1. Happy Mother’s Day: A Tribute to Black Moms Who Use Education as Their North Star

2. The Importance of a Sister Circle for Black Women Pursuing the PhD #SADocsofColor

3. On the Burdens Carried by Single Black Mothers Enrolled in Ph.D. Programs

4. 10 Scholarships for Women Returning to College

5. Motherhood After Tenure:  Listening to Black “Mama, PhDs”

Women:  Growing Fields (Survey of Earned Doctorates, 2015):

“The fastest growing subfields of doctoral study for women over the past decade have been within the physical sciences (led by computer and information sciences) and engineering (led by materials science engineering).”  (Survey of Earned Doctorates, 2015).